• Nihon Widecloth Co.,Ltd. have been for over thirty years in the weaving business with its unique specialized technology. Japan economy happens to see a severest environment today, and the industry and enterprises are facing an unprecedented trial. Nevertheless, we think we should continue our trip to the Next Stage to open up door to the promising future, braving painful changes , also aiming at becoming a global standard. The base for that process is our corporate philosophy that a manufacturer like us should sense what our customers really need, and create and supply such products as coincide with the demand without delay through innovation and advanced technology. We will pursue development of usages as well as merchandise by accurate research and speedy reaction. We will elaborate a finer marketing strategy, addressing change of environment. We will promote productivity improvement as well as cost cut to win the price-war. On the other hand, we will enhance employee's education and in-firm communication to achieve a cheerful and happier corporate health. Toward realization of the corporate idea, the interest we share with you, and the cutstomers' happiness as well as our devotion to conserve ecology for the sake of every small life on the Earth, we altogether will proceed on with visions of another new quarter century. I myself as the President, pledge again that I will do my best to realize a happiness of my customers and employees with all my ability to conduct


  • Name

    Nihon Widecloth Co.,Ltd.


    Toshitsugu Hirohashi


    Toshiaki Hirohashi

    Paid-up Capital

    Jap. Yen 20,000,000


    August, 1973


    April, 1974

    Business Lines

    Manufacture and sales of nets and cloths for agriculture,
    industrial, civil engineering and horticulture uses.


  • 1974, April


    1974, April

    The beginning of operation with the double-wide Sulzer weaving machine

    1984, May

    The introduction of the Carl Myer warping machine

    1985, April

    Kyushu office is opened

    1985, November

    Kyushu factory is opened

    1988, April

    Tokyo office is opened

    1991, January

    Kyushu Sewing factory in Tachibana is opened

    1992, September

    Kyushu distribution center No.1 is opened


    The beginning of broadcasting TV commercial "SUNSUN NET"

    1994, September

    Kyushu distribution center No.2 is added

    1995, August

    Kyushu warping factory is opened

    1996, November

    Kyushu sewing factory in Hirokawa is opened


    The celebration of 25th Anniversary

    1998, November

    Toshiaki Hirohashi assumes the presidency

    1999, September

    Kyushu factory is enlarged

    2000, April

    Kyushu sewing factory in Hirokawa is enlarged

    2001, November

    Kyushu office including sewing factory and distribution center is opened

    2003, April

    East Japan (Gunma) office including sewing factory and distribution center is opened

    2004, February

    Gunma factory is opened

    2005, January

    East Japan distribution center is enlarged

    2007, July

    Thai Widecloth is established

    2008, November

    Gunma factory is integrated into East Japan office.

    2009, May

    The beginning of handling the Dupont TM Tyvek® agriculture net series.

    2010, February

    Roof Shade achieves the Osaka Prefecture Gold Eco-Tech Award

    2012, November

    The chairman, Toshitsugu Hirohashi achieves the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award

    2013, February

    The celebration of 40th Anniversary and go on an company trip to Hawaii

    2014, June

    The introducing of solar photovoltaic generation in East Japan office

    2015, June

    East Japan office distribution center is reestablished

    2017, March

    Thai Widecloth yarn factory is established